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Lily Allen: "I liked to think I was a bit of a wild child"

Lily Allen believes she has calmed down as she has become older.

The singer told Beat magazine that she liked the idea of being "wild" after she broke into the music industry.

However, the 'Hard Out Here' star has since given birth to two children and she feels this and her marriage to Sam Cooper has prompted a change in her personality.

Speaking about her past, Allen said: "Five years ago I would have told you I was having the most amazing time, but I really wasn’t. I was really upset, and very lonely. Then I met Sam, and he told me I was being an idiot."

When asked if he was the first person to tell her that, the Brit replied:

"Yeah. I liked to think I was a bit of a wild child. It’s always about danger. I know I shouldn’t stay up, go to the after party, put myself in that position. I never once woke up and thought, 'God I had such a good chat with that person at five am, I’m so glad I had unprotected sex with them'. Never once. Yet quite often now I wake up, and have breakfast with my children and feel…"

When the magazine asked if she felt happy, Allen said:

"Yes. Happy."

Watch Lily Allen's 'Sheezus' video below: