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Lily Allen tests friends' loyalty with false stories to see if they leak them to the press

'Air Balloon' songstress Lily Allen has revealed that she sometimes tests her friends to make sure they're not selling stories about her to the media. 

During an interview with Australia's The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the hitmaker explained that she's so used to people leaking information about her that if she suspects something now, she will just tell that particular friend a made-up snippet of juicy gossip and see if it makes it into the newspapers:

"Yeah many, many people (have leaked stories about me). When I have a suspicion, I just plant a story that's not true just with that one person and if it surfaces, then I know it's them and they are no longer in phone book."

Earlier this week, Allen confessed that she has banned social media from her home because it's something she doesn't want her children to be exposed to: "We ban all social media, all internet is banned in our house. I'm just trying to say as much stuff as I possibly can so that when my kids are old enough to Google, all the bad things have got so far back in the internet they're on page 7,465,000."

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