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Lily Allen 'arrest' photo lands Australian cops in trouble

A photo of Lily Allen being 'arrested' by Australian police has sparked an internal investigation.

The singer recently uploaded a now deleted image to Instagram of herself being handcuffed in a mock arrest at Australia's Gold Coast airport.

However, a spokesman for the federal police - who stated Allen was being escorted by police through the airport at the time - said that the officers have breached "protocol" and that an internal investigation is taking place.

They said: "At her request, the members involved placed open handcuffs on Allen for a photo opportunity. It appears the members involved were caught up in the moment and standard protocols were breached."

Gold Coast City Councillor Dawn Crichlow told radio that she believed the image was wrong, adding:

"I don't appreciate a photo of...police playing around with their handcuffs.

"It's bad that the federal police allowed this to happen and they should be hauled over the coals. Just a bit of fun would have been to give her the police cap and have a photo taken like that, that would have been fun."

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