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Lily Allen can empathise with Winehouse's destructive behaviour

Lily Allen has admitted that she can understand why Amy Winehouse found it "more appealing to stay in and take heroin" after being exposed to the hoardes of paparazzi that followed the 'Back To Black' singer around.

In a new interview with the Evening Standard, 26-year-old Allen revealed that after spending time with the late vocal superstar she isn't really surprised by the tragic outcome of her short life and that the pressure of her lifestyle was stifling:

"I've had nights out with Amy and I know exactly what used to go on. I also spent time with her at her house in Camden. Not the one she died in, the one before. I felt very trapped by the presence of 40 paparazzi guys hysterical outside her front door."

"I could totally see why she didn't want to leave her house. It seemed more appealing to stay in and take heroin. Why would anyone want that chaos in their life? It's not something anyone chooses. Amy struggled … she wanted a real life. She wanted to go down to the pub and she couldn't."

Allen, who is currently six months pregnant, also added that she left London to get away from the party scene and even received messages from friends after Winehouse's death that said she was lucky to have been "strong enough to walk away":

"Yes. Totally. Actually, when Amy died, I got several texts from friends saying they were really glad I was still here. That I hadn't died too. It's so easy to get caught up in that madness and I count my lucky stars I've been strong enough to walk away."

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