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LMFAO won't rush reunion

LMFAO have confirmed that they will reunite - but don't expect to see the duo back together anytime soon.

The group announced last year that they would be taking a prolonged break from their musical endeavours to pursue other avenues.

Speaking to MTV, SkyBlu said that he and Redfoo have been enjoying time away from LMFAO, suggesting that a reunion will happen but not for some time. He said:

"It's on the hiatus tip because situations happen where me and [Red] Foo have been together 10 years strong, working, doing our thing, and LMFAO's been together for about seven. We've had great success and that whole success was based on an organic lifestyle, an organic situation in the studio."

The 'Party Rock Anthem' man continued: "So for that to come out the right way, we got to allow it to have time to breathe. People are always [like], 'Well, we want LMFAO'. Ok, well you didn't want LMFAO before LMFAO got hot, so slow down. LMFAO are gonna come back, but we gonna go it right. We're not gonna rush, nothing can make us rush."

LMFAO's second album 'Sorry For Party Rocking' was released in 2011 and it reached No.5 in the US Billboard 200 chart.




Watch LMFO perform live below: