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LMFAO star gives Britney Spears advice on Las Vegas residency

Sky Blu, of LMFAO fame, has provided Britney Spears with a few wisdom about her upcoming residency in Las Vegas. 

He enjoyed a running series of dates at Sin City's Bank nightclub in the Bellagio hotel and told MTV News that if the 'Till The World Ends' beauty is to make a good impression she should aim for a memorable set:

"Just make sure your show is just something to be memorable. The Beatles' Cirque du Soleil show [Love] is awesome. I love that."

"I think if people incorporate certain aspects like that into their live show, just make it a little more over the top and something that people want to come see again."

Spears will perform an average of 50 shows per year on her Piece Of Me residency, which is due to kick off on  December 27, and Sky Blu added that it's physically taxing so she should be prepared to put in the gym work:

"Hydrate yourself; make sure you get a lot of water. Make sure you do your exercise... If [you're] at home and you exercise and you feeling good then you can go to Vegas and party for a weekend and have a good time." 






Watch Spears' GMA interview below: