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The Fray: 'We're all in a good place right now and it reflects in our music'

Denver based band The Fray are due to release a brand new album, entitled 'Helios', next month and they confessed to Billboard that they're in a really good place both on a musical and personal level. 

The 'You Found Me' group's frontman, Isaac Slade, explained that their collective mindset influences the music they write and at the moment, it's a very positive one: "With the band, whatever we're going through makes its way into the music, whether we like it or not. And what we're going through now is pretty great stuff, so it just reflects in the music."

Slade went on to add that The Fray went through a rough period, but have now managed to turn it around and are all in love with the work they do once again: "I think it was one of those things where we all wanted this, but we didn't necessarily know where it was going, and suddenly we're this pretty well-known band and it was a bunch of pressure and everything."

"We were just a bunch of punk kids that literally quit our jobs at coffee shops and ice cream shops, and we just had a little whiplash, I think. We had to decide after 10 years if we wanted to keep doing it, and thankfully all four of us over the course of two years had that same conclusion -- 'Y'know what? This IS what I want to do. I do love these songs. I do love these fans, and this beats the hell out of making coffee at five in the morning.'"






Watch The Fray's music video for 'Love Don't Lie' below: