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Justin Bieber's uncle: 'He's just a brokenhearted, lost little boy'

The brother of Justin Bieber's father Jeremy has opened up about the Canadian teen sensation's shocking arrest and told an American magazine that he can't even begin to imagine what the heartthrob is going through.

Brad Bieber recently spoke to the US issue of Star magazine and explained that he wishes people would realise he's just a boy and shouldn't be looked at as some kind of role model because it puts unfair pressure on him to live a perfect life:

"How would you feel if your first love didn't work out? How would you feel if that relationship went sour and then it became public and you had no chance to heal or sort out your own emotions and feelings? He is just a brokenhearted, lost little boy."

Brad then added his behaviour is just typically teenage: "It would be nice if people realised he's still just a boy. You have to understand that. He's a teenage boy with immense wealth and with that comes responsibility, which perhaps he hasn't found yet."

19-year-old Bieber has praised the support his father provides him with and told his Twitter followers that Jeremy is a great dad: "I have the greatest dad in the world. He's taught me how to love, learn, and stay true to myself. I will forever be grateful because he was my superhero #batman (sic)."



Watch Bieber's music video for 'Confident' below: