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A Great Big World: 'We felt so nervous giving Christina Aguilera vocal advice'

Music duo A Great Big World have revealed that working with superstar Christina Aguilera was incredibly daunting because they felt out of their depth professionally. 

They collaborated with Aguilera on a track called 'Say Something' after it featured on 'So You Think You Can Dance' and the guys admitted that getting a call to say she wanted to duet with them was overwhelming.

Speaking to MTV News, member Chad Vaccarino explained that going into the studio with such a strong and established vocalist made them nervous, but they had to put their anxieties aside and get on with it: "Recording with Christina Aguilera was a huge, surreal experience because she's Christina Aguilera... I felt like we both grew, like, tremendously after that."

Ian Axel added that they questioned if they were worthy of working with someone of such importance, but had to overcome the nerves to make the song: "Because we'd never worked with someone who's had that much success and who's done as many things as she has, we were kind of thrust into this and we didn't feel comfortable yet. [We weren't] confident yet that we maybe deserved to be there, maybe what we have to say matters and we can collaborate with her and we can give her advice, vocal advice."

"I mean, I'm still freaked out at the idea of giving her any vocal direction but there was no producer in the room so we had to work it out together."

Watch a recent interview with A Great Big World here: