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Lily Allen admits to fearing cheetah attack on video set

Lily Allen has revealed that she was worried about being attacked by a cheetah on the set of a recent video shoot.

The singer was seen interacting with the animal and a zebra in the promo clip for her single 'Air Balloon'.

However, Allen told Graham Norton's chat show that after having steak slapped on her face to entice the cheetah, she was left feeling a bit worried.

The singer said: "I signed up for it as it sounded like fun and then I am there with a cheetah thinking, 'What am I doing?'. I had a steak wiped on my face so that it would lick me but I had been warned not to eat steak the night before in case I burped and he might have eaten me!"

Animal rights organisation previously criticised Allen for using animals in her shoot, saying in a statement:

"Zebras aren't props or transportation. When the director yelled 'cut' Lily could go home, but that zebra will probably spend his life being hired out for humans' financial gain."

Allen meanwhile also confirmed on the Graham Norton show that she is naming her upcoming album 'Sheezus'.

Watch Lily Allen's 'Air Balloon' video below: