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Ice Cube on Justin Bieber: 'He's a rich kid who does whatever he wants'

'You Could Do It' hitmaker Ice Cube has given his opinion on the recent behaviour of Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber and admitted that the singer's antics aren't provocative or purposeful and that he is just being silly. 

Speaking to Shortlist magazine, the rapper explained that he doesn't think the 'As Long As You Love Me' heartthrob is rebelling against the pressures of fame and instead believes he's just rich and therefore spoiled:

"That's a different kind of crazy. That's being a young, rock 'n' roll rich kid who's able to do whatever he wants. Just because somebody's a f**k-up, doesn't mean they're provocative. We didn't make music to shock; we did it because it felt right. It was a release valve for us."

Referring to his own group, NWA, and they way they behaved Ice Cube added that it was a different kind of being bad: "I remember when we came out, we were always compared to punk. 'NWA: the craziest s**t since the Sex Pistols'. I thought, 'Damn, these Sex Pistols must be some wild motherf**kers' [laughs]. Then came Eminem and Marilyn Manson. There's always some new way to shock people. I don't know."




Watch the trailer for Ice Cube's new movie, 'Ride Along', below: