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Cody Simpson: 'Before I date girls I warn them that I might mention them in songs I write'

Singer Cody Simpson has admitted that when he goes on dates he likes to make sure the girls he takes out would be happy if he wrote songs about them in the future. 

Speaking to Us Weekly about his romantic life, the 17-year-old heartthrob explains that he's always honest when he's into someone and tells them that there's a chance he might write about them in his music:

"I'm not ashamed of writing romantic songs. When I meet a girl, I'm like, 'I'm going to write music about you. If you're not up for that, please leave now.'"

The Australian star added that he still hasn't had a lot of experience in relationships, but loves women:

"I haven't experienced a lot with girls -- but they're all I ever think about. I want a girl I can take to my hometown because I can be the perfect tour guide. I know so many amazing cafes on the beach. It's a surfer's paradise!"

Earlier today (February 27), the hitmaker teased his fans on Twitter by telling them that he's working on exciting new material: "Almost wrapped this 12hr studio day. Can't wait for all of you to hear this new music."

Watch his music video for 'La Da Dee' below: