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Students protest outside Robin Thicke concert over 'promotion of rape culture'

A number of students from Boston University protested outside a Robin Thicke gig in the city last night (March 4).

The group of around 20 demonstrators took to the streets after their bid to have the Agganis Arena concert cancelled because the singer apparently promotes rape culture failed.

They stood with placards outside of the venue to lament Thicke's hit song 'Blurred Lines' and its video, which allegedly glorifies rape.

Humanists of Boston University president Patrick Johnson organised the protest and he told the Daily Free Press:

"Rape culture [is] reinforced by the media we consume We want to encourage more critical dialogue of our role in that cultural system. I find the lyrical insinuations, and especially the graphic insinuations in the music video, to represent a justification for rape.

"The media’s role in rape desensitizing the issue of rape and justifying it. Rape is a horrendous, heinous crime that should never happen under any circumstances. But from watching the [Blurred Lines] video, that’s not how our society acts, despite what it teaches us."

Watch Robin Thicke's controversial video below:


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