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Matt Willis: 'I learned my 'Eastenders' lines in bed with my wife'

Busted star Matt Willis has revealed that there's one place in particular he has been learning lines for his guest role in the UK soap opera, 'Eastenders'.

During an interview with Britain's The Sun newspaper, Willis explained that he spent a lot of time learning his lines in bed with his wife, TV presenter Emma Willis: "I always learn lines better when I have someone reading them back to me."

"We'd sit in bed and read EastEnders scripts. It was great fun and really helpful. Emma got into it. Her cockney accent is hilarious."

He starred in six episodes as Stacey Branning's boyfriend Luke Riley last month and also signed up to act in 'Birds Of A Feather'. Willis will take the stage later this spring with supergroup McBusted for a full UK headlining tour, which is due to kick off in Glasgow on April 17

Watch footage of the McBusted members talking about each other below: