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Diddy on name change: "I always have been and always will be Puff Daddy"

Diddy has commented on his apparent change of name back to Puff Daddy.

The US rapper has been known as Diddy for a number of years now, but a recent promo video for his new single 'Big Homie' credited the musician as his old name, Puff Daddy.

However, he took to Twitter after the clip's reveal to state that he has always been 'Puff Daddy' at heart.

The rapper said: "For the record, I did not change my name. I always have been and always will be PUFF DADDY! :) Be cool Man lol."

Puff Daddy added: "#DIDDYORDADDY???"

The rap man has also been known as P.Diddy and Puffy in the past.

Watch a trailer for 'Big Homie' below: