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Peaches Geldof in final parenting column: "I'm happier than ever"

Peaches Geldof's final column for Mother And Baby magazine has been published - and it sees the 25-year-old proclaim she is "happier than ever".

The media personality and daughter of Sir Bob Geldof passed away on Monday (April 7) after being found dead at an address in Kent.

The news shocked the showbiz world and the mother of two is due to have a post-mortem today (April 9).

Geldof wrote a column in Mother And Baby magazine and on Tuesday (April 8) her final article was published with the blessing of her family.

Speaking about her children Astala, one, and Phaedra, who will turn one on April 24, she said:

"Before having two fat little cherubs under two who expect attention and military-esque devotion to their every need 24 hours a day, I lived a life of wanton wanderlust. With fun-loving friends from LA to London, I was lost in a haze of youth and no responsibilities, but it was becoming boring. I wanted an anchor - I craved it. And when I had two wailing, smiling, joyful little blobs of waddling Pink flesh, they became my entire existence and saved me from one of pure apathy. However, this new earth-mother me came with an unexpected consequence - I found myself friendless. My five closest friends were understanding, but many others revealed themselves to be of the fair-weather variety. Once I couldn't go out, they didn't want to know. The idea that I didn't want a nanny didn't seem to register, nor that doing night-feeds and waking up at 6am doesn't factor in well with a wine-soaked dinner.

"No-one seemed to want to ask me about my babies, when I wanted to gush endlessly about them. It hurt me. I felt alienated and abandoned. Had I made a mistake? One day, Phaedy gave me a wet kiss and both children collapsed giggling into my arms, looking at me with pure love. In that magic moment, all my doubts were erased. Everything else was nothingness and it just...didn't matter. I had the perfect life. It was and is bliss. Now, with a new-found group of mummy mates, both locally and online, all the exact same struggles and issues, and who don't question if my child flings food at their hair or care if there's a screaming fit in the middle of the street, I'm happier than ever. I've achieved a sort of perfect balance. Right now life is good. And being a mum is the best part of it."

Watch Peaches Geldof in action below:


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