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Lily Allen on Amy Winehouse: "She couldn't do anything or go anywhere… she was a prisoner"

Lily Allen has revealed that her new album ‘Sheezus’ is partly dedicated to the late Amy Winehouse.

The ‘Back To Black’ songstress passed away in July 2011 from alcohol poisoning.

Speaking to The Telegraph about Winehouse, Lily said: “She was not in a great place when we knew each other, so I don't feel I knew Amy; I knew a version of Amy.”

The ‘Air Balloon’ pop star also addressed Amy Winehouse’s level of fame and the amount of media scrutiny she endured:

“What she had to deal with was ten times anything I had to deal with. She'd sold a hell of a lot more albums than me, and there was a lot more interest in her. There were people outside her home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I know what that was like on a much smaller level, and I felt trapped.”

Allen concluded: “She couldn't do anything or go anywhere without there being a frenzy; and she was all about life and enjoying herself and socialising, and when that's taken away from you… she was a prisoner.”

Lily Allen recently compared herself to Amy Winehouse in another interview as she feels the producer Mark Ronson was unfairly credited with much of their success.

Watch Lily Allen’s latest video ‘Our Time’ below: