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Nick Grimshaw says Peaches Geldof's death forced him to "re-evaluate" his life

Nick Grimshaw says the death of Peaches Geldof has changed his outlook on life.

The radio DJ's friend passed away aged 25 in April, with police confirming that heroin is likely to have played a part.

Speaking to the Telegraph, the BBC Radio 1 man said that seeing someone close to him die so young has encouraged him to examine his own life more closely.

Grimshaw said: "[Peaches’ death] has made me re-evaluate my life and what I am doing with it. It makes me stop and think.

"I have had a healthier lifestyle for quite a while now. I eat better food and drink less and I am trying to be fitter and part of that is because I have to get up very early and I need to function."

However, the Breakfast Show host added that he is obliged to go to late night showbiz gatherings due to the nature of his career:

"It’s my job to go to parties. I’m on air for hours every morning. I have to have something to talk about - that’s why I go out. I have hours to fill every morning and I can’t just go on about the colour of my socks or whatever."

Watch Nick Grimshaw being interviewed below: