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DJ Nick Grimshaw: 'Harry Styles is a mate but he's too busy to appear on my show'

BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw has admitted that while he is close friends with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, it doesn't mean he gets priority where booking him in for interviews or guest appearances is concerned. 

Speaking to Extra about the possibility of getting the 'Story Of My Life' superstar to appear on 'Sweat The Small Stuff', Grimshaw admitted that the hitmaker is too busy with the band's incredibly packed schedule:

"Harry's a mate but he's really busy with the band and has plenty going on. He wouldn't have time to come on the show even if he wanted to. If I was in 1D, I wouldn't come on my show! I'd just sit in my mansion by the pool and say, "I'm way too rich and famous for you lot."'

One Direction, meanwhile, are now on their Where We Are tour and will perform next on May 28 at the Sunderland Stadium of Light before heading to Manchester's Etihad Stadium on May 30. 

Watch Grimshaw interview One Direction below:


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