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5SOS's Ashton 'pissed off' with narrow-minded articles: 'People don't listen, we're trying to be different'

Australian pop-rockers 5 Seconds Of Summer have been actively trying to distance themselves from the boyband label since bursting onto the scene, but it's a difficult thing to shake because of the fact that they're 4 heartthrobs playing pop-punk anthems. 

The band's drummer Ashton Irwin took to his official Twitter page earlier this morning (June 5) and told his followers that it's disappointing to see negative press surrounding his group and to read 'narrow-minded' articles:

"Narrow-minded articles about us really piss me off, some people just don't listen, we are trying to do something different.."

The 'Don't Stop' hitmakers have always fought against the odds and guitarist Michael Clifford recently told VEVO that even while they were at school they were battling people who didn't think they were cool so just pushed on and tried to be credible:

"[People not caring about the band] kind of drove us. All these people were just saying like, 'You guys suck'. 5 Seconds of Summer was just a joke to them. We really worked hard to be a good band. We did everything we could to be a good, credible band."

Watch a new interview with the guys here: