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Sky Ferreira backs Terry Richardson in Lady Gaga 'Do What U Want' video controversy

Sky Ferreira has posted a lengthy message online in support of Terry Richardson with regards to Lady Gaga's 'Do What U Want' video.

The 'Applause' star teamed up once again with the photographer for the music video, but it hasn't been released.

The New York Post recently said that the clip had been canned because it saw song collaborator R. Kelly take advantage of Gaga whilst she was unconscious.

Speaking in a lengthy Facebook post, Ferreira said that suggestions of Richardson manipulating Gaga into making the video would be wide of the mark.

She wrote: "As someone who has worked very closely with Terry Richardson on many many many occasions since I was 17 years old I would like to say... from my OWN personal experience: I have never been forced or manipulated into anything. I made a music video with him and I have never felt uncomfortable with Terry & had 99 percent of the creative control."

Ferreira later added: "I'm not against/doubting people that have said they've encountered things with him (it's not my place to say so) but the media acting as if Terry Richardson manipulated Lady Gaga into making a video about getting touched by R-Kelly or whatever is a whole other thing. She is 28 year old woman & fully capable/aware of what she was doing.

"I had a topless album cover. So f*cking what? I don't necessarily expect people to understand why I did it or like it. The fact that I still have to explain myself or be publicly shamed every time I speak to a journalist about it EIGHT months later is disturbing. Also, if I was using my "tits" to sell anything, my body is worth more than any cash on the entire planet. Not to mention most musicians don't MAKE ANY money off of f*cking sales. There's a lot more damage being done to the world than the female body. Get a grip."

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Watch a clip from the 'Do What U Want' video below: