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McBusted tell One Direction not to go solo: 'The grass is definitely not greener'

The boys from supergroup McBusted have warned One Direction against going solo with member Matt Willis telling them not to be tricked into thinking individual success will be more rewarding. 

During an interview with MTV News, Willis explained that it's tempting to venture outside of a band's constraints, but it isn't always as exciting in reality: "I think band members think that the grass is greener. The grass is not greener."

Danny Jones then chimed in, adding that they should remain a five-piece for as long as they possibly can: "Don’t go solo boys, be a band forever."

Earlier this year, McBusted wrote a song with One Direction heartthrob Niall Horan and have now admitted that the track is so great they're reluctant to hand it over to the boyband: "We've written on all of their albums so far. We've written a couple of songs with Niall. They're really cool, but you never know if it's going to make the final album."

James Bourne added: "They'd better not take that song, and if they do take it it should be a single."

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