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Death inquest says Peaches Geldof was a heroin addict who had been taking methadone

An inquest into the death of Peaches Geldof has revealed that she was a heroin addict who had been taking methadone for two and a half years before her passing.

The 25-year-old media personality, who was the daughter of Bob Geldof, was found dead on April 7 at an address in Kent.

Police said that it was likely heroin played a part in her death, perhaps echoing her mother's own death in 2000 of an accidental overdose.

An inquest is taking place today (July 23) in Gravesend and Geldof's husband Tom Cohen said that he thought she had started taking heroin again in February after being on methadone for over two years.

He added that he was unaware that there were any drugs in the couple's house until they were found by police alongside the body of of Geldof.

Cohen also said that he had seen his wife flushing drugs down the toilet.

The inquest confirmed that Geldof had fatal levels of codeine, methadone and morphine - which had come from heroin - in her blood at the time of her death.

The coroner concluded that her death was the result of a heroin overdose and that Geldof hadn't planned on taking her own life.

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