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Shawn Mendes understands pressure Justin Bieber is under: 'I only see a small part of it, but it's stressful'

Canadian singing sensation Shawn Mendes has revealed that he understands the pressure Justin Bieber is under with being a young star in the public eye because he has started to get a taste of it and often finds that it impacts him.

His fast rise to fame and phenomenal social media presence means that he has been exposed to many different sides of the world of celebrity, and he confessed that it has shown him how stressful this lifestyle can be. 

Mendes explained to CBC News: "I'm only seeing a very small portion of what Justin has with fans every day and it's stressful. The stressful part is that people start to think you're not a real person and they start to think of you as someone different, and I know that can get to you as it has got to me a little bit."

The talented young singer, meanwhile, recently won the coveted Choice Web Star (Music) prize at last weekend's Teen Choice Awards and credited his success to his creative use of short-form video sharing service Vine: "I didn't see any singing Vines anywhere so thought maybe I should put one up and who knew that a few months later I would be in this position."

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Watch him talk about the struggles of fame below: