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Kendall Schmidt on 5SOS and One Direction: 'They aren't boybands'

Big Time Rush star Kendall Schmidt, who is now part of a new group named Heffron Drive, has given his opinion on today's popular groups like One Direction and Australia's 5 Seconds Of Summer

Speaking to 95.5 PLJ, he confessed that 5SOS definitely don't fit his definition of a boyband so he can understand why they get annoyed if people refer to them in that way: "I think a boyband is dancing, singing, choreography, and heartfelt ballads [...] 5 Seconds Of Summer to me is a band with boys in it. They're not a boyband, they play music."

"I wouldn't even call One Direction a boyband - they're a singing group. They don't dance and they'll admit that they don't like dancing. When we were on tour with them, they admitted they hated it and they showed us their joking choreography [...] if anything, it's more of a group. A music group."

Schmidt went onto add that when his band initially burst onto the scene, they avoided calling themselves a boyband because it wasn't good for credibility: "When Big Time Rush first came out, this is a fun fact, we refrained from calling it a boyband because it wasn't cool."

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