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TV's Rick Edwards wants Professor Green to be Prime Minister

TV host Rick Edwards believes having someone like Professor Green as the British Prime Minister would be a good way to get youths involved in politics.

The T4 presenter has become increasingly involved in the political scene through hosting the BBC3 show Free Speech.

Speaking to the Mirror, Edwards - speaking before 16 and 17 year olds get the chance to vote in the Scottish independence referendum on Thursday (September 18) - said that more youths need to be engaged in politics.

He added that someone current like Professor Green would make a good Prime Minister.

Edwards said: "I think he cares about things. You need someone who is in the public eye who is young and smart and cares. I like it when you have people who have turned things around, that's very positive. You can listen to David Cameron about how you can get your life on track but a lot of people will watch that and go 'you've never had to do that and never will'.

He continued: "But someone who has lived through things like that and 'done good' is much more relatable for people and there's something aspirational about Pro Green's career whereas Cameron's careers is not aspirational at all."

Edwards meanwhile has teamed up with vInspired to launch the Swing The Vote campaign to encourage youngsters to vote.

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