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Radio 1 chief Ben Cooper fails to name single One Direction song

The controller of BBC Radio 1 has failed to name any One Direction singles.

Ben Cooper appeared on Ken Bruce's Radio 2 show at the Radio Festival in Salford, which is running between October 13 and 15.

Bruce put Cooper on the spot by asking him to quickly name three One Direction hits as part of the 3 in 10 series.

However, the Radio 1 boss couldn't name a single One Direction hit despite his radio station regularly playing the group.

He said: "My mind has melted. Do you know what, I've pegged it here and I've not got my brain in gear."

Bruce added: "Somehow I don't think I'm going to be getting a gig on Radio 1 anytime shortly."

One Direction have had numerous hit singles in the UK, including 'Little Things' and 'One Way or Another' - two tracks which both reached No.1 in the country.

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Listen to the radio mishap below: