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Exclusive: Sam Bailey talks to Pressparty about 'The Power of Love' album re-issue

It looks like this Christmas will be an especially cheerful one for X Factor 2013 winner Sam Bailey. The vocal talent had her third child Miley in September and on December 1 the singer will unveil a re-package of her chart-topping debut album 'The Power of Love'.

The re-issue will feature five new tracks - including three Christmas tunes and a reworking of original song 'Treasure' - and Pressparty caught up with Bailey for an exclusive chat to find out more.

What was the thinking behind including the festive songs 'Silent Night', 'Please Come Home For Christmas' and 'O Holy Night' on the album re-issue?

Because it's coming out at Christmas, I thought 'What songs make me feel really Christmassy?' I absolutely loved Home Alone and I used to know every line of it. There's the scene where he walks into the church and they're all singing 'O Holy Night' - I get a tingling sensation at that. I then found a version of it by Carrie Underwood and I had the hairs standing up on the back of my neck watching the video.

With 'Silent Night', me and my brothers used to go carol singing - we used to make a fortune. We would sing the song and do a three-part harmony and it reminds me of them and the Christmasses we had when were younger. And 'Please Come Home For Christmas' - I was a big Bon Jovi fan back in the day and I loved that song. I didn't want to do the old cliched Mariah Carey ones.

The original album has quite a lot of covers on it, but are you hoping to do more originals in the future?

That's the plan. There's quite a lot of people who want to write and collaborate with me, so it's about getting the time after the tour, which starts next year. I'd like to have a bit of a break after it and take the husband and kids on holiday. I've written some stuff but that was quite a few years ago and needs updated.

I need inspiration. I'm not a naturally gifted songwriter like Adele. But that's the plan. We've done a new version of 'Treasure' on the album, which has a more Christmassy feel to it. And obviously it's got the song 'With You' from Ghost, and I absolutely love that song.

How's it been getting back to work after having Miley?

I knew it was coming, but because Miley was three weeks early it's kind of come a bit quicker. Obviously there's a lot of build up to things that are happening, so I just want to get cracking on it straight away otherwise I'll be run off my feet in November or December, which is when I'm wanting to be settling down with the family. It's been pretty tough - it's starting to build up now and it comes in fits and starts. But I have to appreciate that this is a lot easier than working shifts in prison.

Have you felt any pressure from the label to get back into work quicker?

No. I've got good people around me and I've got people to help with Miley. I am very, very lucky - I was filming something yesterday for about ten hours and I took Miley with me and she didn't cry once, she was along for the ride. I've got it quite easy. If she'd been a baby that was screaming all day, I don't think I would have gone back into this as quick as I had.




It's a shame that a few people suggested it might have a negative impact on your career…

Well to be honest that's their opinion, and they've probably had bad experiences with children. My kids have taken to this really well. They're not fazed by anything. I have to keep saying to myself 'this is all for them', because we get to go and do some amazing things. But I'm a bit of realist. This could end before it even starts - it could all be gone tomorrow and that means I have to grab it with both hands. If people want to be negative about it then that's obviously fine and it doesn't faze me at all. But I don't feel famous, so I don't think it's affecting me as much. I genuinely don't feel famous. I just feel like someone people know.

Just millions of people know you…

They do, but I feel quite lucky because I'm not a member of One Direction or a hunky 17-year-old that's just come off the show. I don't get much hassle. Mature people will come up to me and say 'I think you're amazing' or say 'It's so nice that you're out shopping in Asda today'. It's so nice if you're dropping your kids off at school and you're not getting someone else to do it for you. People are genuinely shocked when they see me looking like a right tramp going up to the shop to get a pint of milk. I don't believe that I'm better than anyone else now. I carry on as normal. I go to McDonald's like a normal person does and I don't go to posh restaurants - I like my egg and chips too much.

You've previously said that you miss the 'rewarding' part of your old prison officer job - is that where your heart lies?

I do miss that side of it, but I do stuff outside of that now. I'm an ambassador for the St Giles Trust, which is a charity that helps rehabilitate ex-offenders. So I'm still doing that rewarding stuff - I managed to raise thousands of pounds yesterday just from doing something on the TV, so again, I'm really lucky that I still get to do stuff like that.

Have you seen much of this year's X Factor?

I've been watching it religiously. It's really bizarre being on this side of the TV when you've been exactly where they are - you know what they're going through, what they're thinking and how they're feeling. And it's weird seeing all the people working on it - you became quite good friends with them and you're like 'I wanna be back there doing it!' I really want to come to a show just to go backstage and tell people that it'll be alright. That's what Harry styles did backstage to me and I won't forget that.

Is the X Factor tag something you're looking to move away from in the future?

To be honest, I owe a lot to the X Factor. It might have been a really tough time and really hard, but if I hadn't been on the X Factor I wouldn't be where I am now. I'm never going to get away from it really because I'll always be known as the person who won the X Factor. I just want to carry on working, be successful and try out new things. I don't want to go back to my old life. Definitely not.

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