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Jessie J reveals hidden talent

British songstress Jessie J has revealed that she can sing with her mouth closed and performed part of her smash hit single, 'Bang Bang'. 

The beauty appeared on Graham Norton's chat show recently and revealed that when she was younger she learned that she could talk with her mouth closed, which then turned into being able to sing in the same way. 

Speaking about the unusual talent, the sensation explained:

"I discovered when I was little that I could pretend I was in a box... I was a lonely child! As I got older I discovered I could sing... should I sing 'Bang Bang'?"

At the end of last year, she opened up about going on tour and admitted that there are things she always brings from home because the items make her feel more settled on the road: "I usually have around 10 personal suitcases for any trips to the US or further when I'm going to be away for several weeks."

"I have to take my own pillow case and I take candles that I have in my house, so that my hotel room smells like my house. I take anything which keeps me sane, like pictures of my family. But the pillow case is really important; I don't want to put my face on someone else's pillow - gross!"

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Watch Jessie J perform the entertaining party trick below: