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Naughty Boy on One Direction: 'They'll be together for the next 20 years'

'La La La' hitmaker Naughty Boy has revealed that although the One Direction members seem to be interested in pursuing their own things at the moment, he thinks they have the drive and chemistry to remain a band for a long time yet. 

The producer explained that he believes the lads will stay together as a band for the next two decades while managing to 'dabble' with individual creative projects: "I still think there's nothing wrong with trying different things. They are all experimenting and dabbling but I think the band will be together for the next 20 years."

As previously reported, Naughty Boy confessed that he is excited about the music he has made with Malik and thinks now is the perfect time to showcase it:

"We're making music and having fun. This is just like a side gig and I don't think there is anything wrong with it. It's a good time for Zayn to showcase what he really can do. I don't think that is being fully exploited within the band because there are five people and it needs to be balanced out."

"They all have something to show the world as individuals. They can always come back together and do their thing. I don't think they will ever split up..."

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Watch Naughty Boy talk about his work with Zayn Malik below: