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John Feldmann on hearing 5SOS perform: 'I realised, 'this is the best pop-punk band I've ever heard''

Producer and Goldfinger legend John Feldmann has revealed that he believes Australian superstars 5 Seconds Of Summer are one of the best pop-punk bands out there. 

During an interview with Buzzfeed, Feldmann opened up about working with the heartthrobs and praised their individual levels of talent and musicianship:

"The 5 Seconds of Summer guys are unbelievable musicians. I knew who they were from my friend Jess from The Veronicas who dated Michael. She told me about them way, way prior so my predisposition to the band was very different from what the world thought, which was that they were a boyband."

"I knew they weren't. I went into it thinking they were another Mest. When they started singing I realised 'this is the best pop-punk band I've ever heard.' They can all sing. The drummer is a better singer than 90 per cent of the bands that I work with and he's the drummer. 5 Seconds of Summer, they're all really clear of what their job is."

Feldmann went onto talk about 5SOS's bass player, Calum Hood, and added: "Calum is the best bass player 5 Seconds of Summer could ever have. He's a f**king phenomenal bass player. A lot of bands don't have that."

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