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Bella Thorne on being a role model: 'I'm a teenager and I'm going to make mistakes'

Disney channel starlet Bella Thorne has revealed that while people look up to her as a role model, she thinks it's healthy to acknowledge the fact that as a teenager it's likely she will make mistakes

During an interview with Teen Vogue, the 17-year-old beauty explained that becoming famous at such a young age has been challenging and she keeps herself grounded by remembering that these are the years where things get hard:

"I’m not afraid to be myself. I know that people are looking up to me, but I’m a teenager and I’m still going to make mistakes.”

She also recalled her most embarrassing on-set moment and joked that padding fell out of her bra in front of a movie crew: "I was working on a film, and they wanted me to look older. The wardrobe person was like, 'Put padding in your bra.' I'm walking on set. The director picked something off the ground and -- in front of everyone -- he goes, 'I think this fell out.' I was mortified. It was literally a pad from my bra."

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