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Nick Jonas on finding fame so young: 'My parents kept me so grounded'

Heartthrob Nick Jonas has revealed that the reason he managed to stay so grounded is because his parents were so strong in raising both him and his brothers, Kevin and Joe.

Speaking to Lorraine in the UK, the 'Chains' sensation admitted that it was very strange to grow up with people constantly intruding into his personal life, but thanks to his mother and father he made it through with a level head:

"People actually caring you are dating at 14 is not a normal thing. But my parents are really good people, and they did a good job of helping us keep our heads on straight. But also, I think I had a really interesting outlook about it, I never really thought it was real."

The superstar went onto add that he tried to distance himself from fame when he was much younger because it's something that 'isn't real' and instead tried to focus on the fact that he was at least allowed to live his dream: "I just kind of [thought], 'This is all make-believe and I get to go and sing, and that's all I really care about'."

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