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Naughty Boy: 'Zayn Malik will say why he quit 1D in time'

DJ Naughty Boy has revealed that he is certain Zayn Malik will talk about leaving One Direction 'when the time is right'. 

The DJ will appear on 'Celebrity Juice' tonight (May 14) in the UK and in a teaser video for the episode, he can be heard explaining that Malik will eventually open up about his decision to quit the boyband because he does have a story to tell

"Zayn's in a great place. Zayn left for his own personal reasons and one day people will know everything ... and right now is not the time."

The episode of 'Celebrity Juice' will air in the UK this evening on ITV at 10pm. During a recent interview, Naughty Boy confessed that he's the only one that's been there for Zayn through his separation from the boyband and criticised his ex-bandmates' attitudes towards what's going on:

"Louis needs to shut his mouth. He is just a child. He's messing with a sleeping lion and you shouldn't have woken a sleeping lion as you are going to regret it. I don’t know Louis, so I can only base my judgement on what he says and he is acting like a 12-year-old. Louis should be supporting Zayn. I’ve been the one looking after Zayn since he left One Direction."

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Watch footage of Naughty Boy discussing Malik below: