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Naughty Boy on being Zayn Malik's friend: 'It's hard finding genuine people and he is'

'La La La' hitmaker Naughty Boy has revealed that he feels as though he's one of Malik's only genuine friends in the music industry. 

During an interview with BBC Newsbeat, the producer explained that he is proud to have just been there for Malik as a friend during the past few months as it has been a stressful time for the young superstar:

"I was there for my friend and in this business it is not the easiest thing to make genuine friends. During that time we weren't making music, we have made music in the past. The world will hear the music but when he is ready and when the fans are ready." Naughty Boy added: "This year I want to get back to business as usual and when Zayn's ready, probably next year for his music, I'm there for him."

As previously reported, Naughty Boy recently told Capital FM radio that Malik is working on a 'soulful' debut solo record: "He’s making a very soulful record. He’s writing, himself, on it as well. I think it’s worth the wait, I think the less I say about it the better. I think it’ll all make sense soon. Zayn’s his own man, no one can tell Zayn what to do, especially me!"

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