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Shawn Mendes on what keeps him grounded

Canadian sensation Shawn Mendes has opened up about how he manages to remain grounded

During a recent interview with The Globe and Mail, the heartthrob explained that his parents and hometown friends are fantastic and help him to keep his feet firmly on the ground at all times, which is something he is very thankful for:

"A lot of it comes down to my family and people I hang out with, my friends not acting any different when I come home, my parents being really awesome."

The 'Stitches' hitmaker grew up in Pickering, a small suburb of Ontario, and admitted that he loved growing up there because the small-town setting allowed his imagination to grow tremendously: "Growing up in a suburban home the world seems so massive to you. It seems like cities are so big and so far away and there’s so much in them. So your imagination runs wild, instead of when you are born in the middle of Manhattan you’d know, like, that this is the biggest city."

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Watch a recent interview with Mendes here: