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Shawn Mendes on being Canadian: 'I think I'm starting to lose my accent'

Singer Shawn Mendes recently sat down with Buzzfeed to create an article about common misconceptions about his home country of Canada and opened up about bacon and the fact that milk comes in bags. 

The 'Stitches' heartthrob admitted that milk in a bag is just very ordinary to him and he doesn't understand why people are always so shocked by that: “People freak out about milk in bags. I’ve had people be disgusted by the fact that we have milk in bags. I was like really pissed when I couldn’t find a bag of milk when I went to America. I was not happy with it.”

Referring to Canadian bacon, Mendes added: “People always say ridiculous stuff about bacon. Some people think we just eat bacon with syrup on it all day long. And I’m not saying that I’m not down for that but that’s pretty ridiculous.”

When asked if it's true that people say "eh" all the time, the star went onto admit that his own accent is becoming diluted because of all the travelling he's doing: “I think my accent is starting to die out more and more as I travel but it definitely happens. People think we say it all the time and we do.”

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