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Naughty Boy thought Zayn Malik tweets were from hacker

Naughty Boy has spoken of his surprise at Zayn Malik's recent Twitter outburst against him.

The former One Direction man and the producer have been working together for months.

However, things seemed to turn sour recently when Malik tweeted that their friendship was over, adding that Naughty Boy is "fat joke".

Speaking to The Sun, the 'La La La' hitmaker said that he initially thought Malik's Twitter account had been broken into.

He said: "It sounded like one of the things the little girls who send me hate would say. I can deal with what he said but he knows the hate I’ve had to endure for him is the bit that upset me.

“That’s not how I know Zayn to speak, even face to face. I definitely thought at first that he had been hacked. The fat joke thing wasn’t necessary and he’s getting a lot of backlash for that because a lot of his fans don’t look like Selena Gomez.

“At some point as an artist you have to take responsibility for everything you say. That’s why I think Zayn did it out of anger. Forget what I’ve been through, you do have to remember what this guy has been through these last few months and had to deal with.

“I understand why he could be over-reacting on things and just jumping to conclusions. He is still a young guy who has gone through a lot and I am always going to be there for this guy. I’m pretty sure that inside he feels the same. Creative people often act on impulse and we don’t always think things through.”

Malik's tweets appeared to come after a short clip of him featuring in a Krept and Konan video was leaked online.

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