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Stereo Kicks' James on their split: 'I blame Louis Walsh entirely'

Former 'X Factor' stars Stereo Kicks have now unfortunately called it a day, but one of the lads has revealed that their split happened because of a lack of support from the person that was meant to really be there for them. 

The band performed their last set together at a Thorpe Park event yesterday (July 25) and member James Graham told Digital Spy that their split is definitely premature, but he thinks mentor Louis Walsh is responsible for their untimely demise:

"We'd do something and we were like, 'Crest of a wave now, let's absolutely kill it next week' and then it didn't quite happen. I personally, I'll be brutally honest and the boys might not want me to say this, but I think I blame Louis entirely."

"I think he didn't support us. I think he had his mind elsewhere, naming nothing, his other boyband... I think he was concentrating on them. He didn't want another boyband to come through maybe. I dunno, that's just guessing... But he didn't give us what he could have given us. He was great, Louis was great, he was awesome and I still talk to him now. But I just think he might have had other commitments, that's all."

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Watch footage of Stereo Kicks performing their last show below:


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