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Aston Merrygold: 'I need and want to get back to that level of success I once had'

Singer Aston Merrygold has launched a solo career following the split of JLS at the end of 2013 and he revealed that he feels as though people have very high expectations of him given his background. 

During a new interview with Digital Spy, the 'Get Stupid' sensation confessed that he is under a lot of pressure to succeed, but he is comfortable in that position because it pushes him to work even harder:

"Expectation is probably one of the things because coming from such a high platform... it's like, 'oh, ok, we're expecting you to hit this level'... I've got to basically live up to the level of everything I've been doing for the past few years. It isn't easy, but I do thrive on stuff like that and it makes you hungry [...] I need and want to get there again so it's nice to have that burning desire to get back to that position."

He recently told HMV that there's no tension at all between him and his former JLS bandmates and they regularly make time to hang out with each other: "There’s no drama. There’ll be no TV shows in 20 years' time when someone walks in the room and you’ve not seen them since. None of that rubbish. Everyone was round at my house last week, just for dinner and a couple of drinks."

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Watch a new interview with the star below: