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Elvis Presley 'never felt comfortable' around Hollywood people

Priscilla Presley has revealed that that the late Elvis Presley didn't fit into the Hollywood scene because he found it all to be very fake. 

During a new interview with Johnnie Walker on BBC Radio 2, she revealed that Presley often spoke about feeling awkward among the Hollywood elite:

"Elvis dated actresses and people in Hollywood, but he was a southern gentleman, his roots were in the south, he wasn't Hollywood in the sense of what Hollywood is, he saw marriages failing in Hollywood, he didn't want it to affect me - he was very home grown, he really wanted to be back in the south, he wanted to be with people he felt comfortable with and he did not feel comfortable with Hollywood people, ever."

"He thought they were phoney, he was kind of onto them. He couldn't talk the talk, he was just there to do business, do his movies, do what he wanted to do.

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