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Jess Glynne won't get wasted: 'I'm terrible at handling drink and drugs'

'Hold My Hand' songstress Jess Glynne has revealed that she isn't a big fan of getting drunk and feeling intoxicated because it's not enjoyable. 

Speaking to OK! magazine, the beauty confessed that she doesn't handle inebriation well and gets hangovers, so tends to just stay away from that kind of thing: "I'm terrible at handling drink and drugs so I tend to stay away from them. I'm not going to lie and say I haven't tried anything - I have, we're all human."

"But drugs aren't for me, and although I may have a couple of drinks, I never get wasted. I just don't enjoy being drunk and it actually affects my voice a lot - it dehydrates me to the point where I can't talk sometimes."

She also went onto add that health is something she finds to be of huge importance and takes care to be mindful of what she puts into her body:

"I'm naturally food-conscious because I found out last year I'm intolerant to wheat and gluten. So that's forced me to cut things like bread and pasta out of my diet - I feel much healthier and it means I'm eating things like fish, rice, vegetables."

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