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Rachel Platten says writing 'Fight Song' was 'horrible and wonderful'

Newcomer to the charts Rachel Platten has revealed that although her breakthrough hit 'Fight Song' might sound fairly simple, it took a long time to create. 

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, the songstress admitted that she still can't believe the success of her debut single 'Fight Song' and she's very proud of herself for following her dreams:

"I feel just amazed that this is happening now. I feel crazy that me sticking with my dreams actually worked. It’s wild and incredible. People ask me in interviews what celebrity parties I go to and I’m like, ‘None!’ I don’t know anybody yet. I’m still trying to understand what this means and process it.”

"I had a really dark moment in December when I actually thought, ‘Can I do this any more?’ I just collapsed on my bed and was thinking about how I wasn’t making money and nothing was sticking. I remember asking the universe, ‘What else do you want from me? What am I supposed to do?’ At that moment I kind of surrendered. I was giving up; not on a career, but on expecting more. Even if I’m making music for people for $20 a night, at least I’m making music.”

She went onto confess that writing 'Fight Song' was nothing short of an exhausting slog, but she loves how it finally turned out: “It was such a horrible, awful, wonderful labour of love. My manager and I were just flabbergasted how hard it was for me to get the version we have today. When I finally produced the demo I felt good about, I knew I had something special. But God, it was so hard.”

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Watch her video for 'Fight Song' below:


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