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Keith Urban admits he loves Ed Sheeran's hit single 'Photograph'

Singer Keith Urban has revealed that he loves Ed Sheeran's single 'Photograph' and has a lot of admiration for the talented young star's songwriting abilities

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the country star admitted that he was blown away by Sheeran's performance during his Wembley concerts and thought 'Photograph' in particular was a highlight:

"I fell in love with this song ('Photograph') at Wembley, watching everybody in the audience sing along. The songwriting is just spellbinding."

Urban went onto add that watching Sheeran captivate an entire arena full of people with just his vocals and a guitar was inspiring: "It's beautifully refreshing to watch somebody on stage that's just about the music. It was extraordinary because this is a guy holding 90,000 people in the palm of his hand, not running around the stage, no flashy-ism at all, no smokes and bombs or pyrotechnics - nothing except just a beautiful heart. I'm flabbergasted at the level of songwriting."

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