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Brandon Flowers urges music fans to remain brave after Paris attacks

Brandon Flowers has spoken out about the effect Friday’s violent attacks in Paris is having on live music. 

On November 13, at least 129 people were killed in the French capital and a further 350 injured when violent and deadly attacks occurred around Paris.

The majority of casualties came from a hostage situation involving concert goers attending an Eagles of Death Metal gig at Le Bataclan. Inside Le Bataclan alone, 118 civilians lost their lives.

In the wake of the tragic events, many music acts have cancelled concerts in France and around the rest of Europe.

However, Brandon Flowers is optimistic that live music can continue to bring artists and music fans alike happiness.

Flowers told Loaded magazine: “Some of the greatest experiences in my life have been at concerts. To think that people will be afraid to go to concerts now is a shame. I hope we don’t let what happened get the better of us.”

However, the ‘Can’t Deny My Love’ singer also expressed his sympathy with those artists who have chosen to refrain from European live performances for the time being:

“I totally understand why some people have been cancelling tours. What happened was heart breaking. My heart goes out to the people who died. But I feel it’s important to try not to be afraid.”

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