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Diversity stars return to Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards as hosts

Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely announced today in an Instagram video that they will take on Hollywood for the third time as the UK hosts of the 2016 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

Jordan and Perri will bring a bit of Britain to LA as they interview the world's biggest celebrities and Nickelodeon stars on the orange carpet, and will gather all of the gossip from this year’s Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards to UK viewers.

The 2016 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards will air in the UK on Sunday 13th March from 5:00pm on Nickelodeon and Pressparty recently caught up with the pair to ask about their upcoming role as UK hosts of the ceremony.

So, this isn't your first year as the UK hosts of the Kids' Choice Awards! How does it feel to be invited back?

Perri: Absolutely amazing, we’ve had so much fun presenting these and we didn’t expect to be doing it the second time let alone the third time so every time we go it’s been incredible, so it feels amazing to be asked back.

What can we expect from this year's ceremony?

Jordan: I think you can expect it to be bigger and better – that’s what happens every single year at the Kids’ Choice Awards and we’re definitely excited to see it.

What's your favourite part of the KCAs and why?

Perri: Just seeing the amount of slime and stuff back stage. You think how can that possibly all get used, but somehow they always find a way which is pretty cool. 

The KCAs are known for including as much slime as possible. Perri, what's it like to be on the receiving end of that? Is it as gross (and fun) as it looks?!

Jordan: I wouldn’t know… (Perri laughs) Pel does, the rest of the group does, my older brother knows but I don’t so…

Perri: Yeah, it is gross but it’s a cool thing, it’s an honour you know, that obviously only a few people get chosen to do it, but not Jordan.

Jordan: Thanks Pel. Thanks.




If there's one person you'd like to slime, who would you choose and why?

Perri: Not Jordan!

Jordan: Ooohh…there we go.

Perri: I would slime Jordan just so he’s part of the gang.

Jordan: So Diversity’s a complete set. So everyone’s been slimed. I’d slime myself.

Perri: Yeah, but out of sympathy.

Jordan: Ouch…

Last year, One Direction won Favourite Music Group, Nick Jonas took home Favourite Male Singer, Selena Gomez won Best Female, and Fifth Harmony won Favourite New Music Artist. What are your personal predictions for this year? Who would you like to see nominated?

Jordan: Who would I like to see nominated? Well, we’re Beliebers, so Justin Bieber has got to be nominated for something.

Perri: Of course. We’re also Directioners.

Jordan: We’re also Directioners, so One Direction and Justin Bieber – that’s who we’re rooting for. 

What have you both been listening to at the moment, music-wise?

Perri: Justin Bieber.

Jordan: Justin Bieber!

Perri: A lot of Justin Bieber.

Jordan: A lot of Justin Bieber. His new album…

Perri: Sick.

Jordan: Fire! (Both laugh)

You’re both rather stylish… Who do you look up to in terms of fashion inspiration? Are there any bands or artists you think always look on point?

Jordan: Kanye West is always dressed pretty cool.

Perri: Oh yeah Kanye West. I mean, I don’t dress like Kanye West but I look up to him.

Jordan: Yeah exactly, we look up to what he wears. He’s pretty sick. And someone called ASAP Rocky dresses really cool as well. I like what he wears.

What can we expect from you both (and from Diversity) in 2016?

Jordan: Well, obviously me and Pel will be out in LA doing some more stuff for Nickelodeon. Diversity, we’re planning out next couple of tours - we’re heading to China. We’ve got some TV shows coming out as well.

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Watch the pair talking about last year's ceremony here:


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