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Saturday, January 30, 2016 6:00am ET by  
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Halsey opens up about endometriosis diagnosis: 'It was bittersweet'

Rising star Halsey has revealed that she was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, which is a disease that causes inflammation outside of the uterus and consequently pelvic pain, fatigue, nausea, and potentially infertility.

In a post on Twitter, Halsey explained: "Emotional moment; but if any of you suffer from endometriosis please know you aren't alone. I know how excruciating painful it can be and how discouraging the disease can be."

"To feel like it's going to limit you because of how debilitating it is. To miss school and work, or even worse to GO and suffer through it anyway feeling like a prisoner in your own body. To maybe be worried about 'never having kids' or dealing with crazy treatment suggestions."

"I was recently diagnosed after years of suffering and finding myself doubled over backstage in the middle of my sets, or fighting back tears on an airplane, or even being in so much pain I vomit or faint."

The 'New Americana' songstress went onto add that she was relieved when her diagnosis was confirmed as she no longer felt as though doctors weren't listening to her: "Finding out that I had Endo was the most bittersweet moment, because it meant I wasn't crazy! I wasn't a 'baby'! I had every right to be feeling like the world was caving in. But it was terrifying to find out."

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