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Craig David: 'I fell out of love with fast cars and the Miami lifestyle'

Hitmaker Craig David has revealed that he moved from Miami in Florida back to the UK because it's where his heart really is. 

During a recent interview with Jonathan Ross, he admitted that coming back to the UK was easy once he realised he didn't need the Miami lifestyle to be successful or happy:

“Sometimes it takes you to go all the way to Miami to realise that actually where you really want to be is back in the UK and to be home. The thing is, you don’t need a Lamborghini, you don’t need to move to Miami, you don’t need the place. I just realised that you don’t need to go all the way to Miami, driving these cars and thinking you’ve got this lifestyle when actually all I really loved was being in the UK, making music and just having relationships with my friends and my family and enjoying being here.”

Craig David also admitted that he has changed his approach to fitness after being a gym devotee for years: "When I look at that picture of me I look super gaunt, I look 40 years older, I look like ET in the basket on the way home with my finger up. Also I wasn’t socialising with my friends as well, that took over… Just a lot of self realisation came with that, music, Miami, what’s going on, just eat a meal bruv."

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