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Interview: Nothing But Thieves on Muse tour and more

Southend quintet Nothing But Thieves, comprised of members Conor Mason, Joe Langridge-Brown, Dominic Craik, James Price, and Philip Blake, will join Muse on the UK leg of their forthcoming world tour and we recently caught up with them to talk about their journey so far, their unique sound, and what advice they have for surviving music festivals. 

You’ve just been announced as the support act for Muse’s Drones tour! How amazing! How did this come about?

We actually were lucky enough to open for them last year at 'Rock in Roma' which was incredible. It was our first gig of that size, over 30,000 people (yes, it's as terrifying as it sounds). We got a call from Muse's team a few weeks ago asking us to join them on two European legs of the tour so we couldn't say no...

What are you most looking forward to about the tour?

It'll be our first arena shows. We've had the opportunity to play main stages at festivals etc but this is a completely different experience. I think trying to work out how to own a 360 stage will be an interesting one, need to make sure we don't get dizzy or disoriented from running in circles. 

Do you have a favourite Muse track? If so, which one and why?

'Time Is Running Out'. It's the first Muse track I'd heard. I was 11 at the time, and my cousin Phil (bassist extraordinaire and passionate philanthropist) played it to me at school, I'd heard nothing like it. Was hooked on that album... 

You’re also on the bill for this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival. Are you looking forward to it? Are you fans of summer festivals? Any tips for how to survive a music festival in the UK?!

Reading and Leeds was one of the highlights of last year. I think one of the reasons we all love it aside from it being our childhood festival is that it hasn't lost its way over the years. The line-ups are still great and you can still guarantee to have a mad one. 

Festival survival tips - baby wipes, Nokia 3210 (8 years of battery life on one charge) and enough alcohol to tranquillise a small farm animal. 

You’ve just been out on tour in the USA with Mutemath. How has that run been? Were there any highlights for you? Any super memorable dates or moments?

Nicest guys and incredible band. It was our first run of dates in the U.S. and the reception couldn't have been better. It was nice to feel that our music translates across the pond because we didn't quite know if that would be the case. Highlights were playing some awesome venues - 'Cains' in Oklahoma has a framed piece of wall with a hole in it after Sid Vicious fancied sticking his fist through it. Nice.




When you’re not touring or in the studio, what do the Nothing But Thieves guys get up to?

On the rare occasion we have time off we forget how to do life. It takes a while get back into it. We'll normally just embrace our beds, our own showers, clean clothes and food that doesn't look too questionable or like it was left over from the last band's rider. 

To people who aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

We spent so long trying to create something different that we like to think we have our own thing going on. Some insightful gentleman recently described us as a healthy blend of George Michael, Jamiroquai with a touch of Depeche Mode. Is that ever a 'healthy blend'? Would probably avoid that if it was a smoothie recipe. Cheers mate.

You have a strong social media presence, but what do you think about social media? Has it been important or useful to as a band? If so, why? Have you experienced any downsides to it? Do you have any advice for fans who might be dealing with issues such as cyberbullying?

It's important. Social media is the best way for us to engage with fans aside from meeting them at gigs. It's such an immediate platform to share content with that it becomes fundamental for any artist. 

Cyberbullying advice isn't my forte but I know most platforms from Twitter to Facebook have functions to block users and to report. Go with that. If it's still a problem, drop them an email or go to Bill Gates like Trump did and ask him to turn the Internet off. Muppet.

What has been the most memorable point in your collective career so far?

Finding out Trump asked for the Internet to be turned off. Nah, erm, there's been a few. Reading and Leeds, headlining the Electric Ballroom, playing Jimmy Kimmel and very shortly playing these arena dates with Muse.

What else do you have lined up for this year? 

Gigs, shows, live performances and concerts!

Watch Nothing But Thieves in action here:


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