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Fergie "blessed" to survive drug addiction

Fergie has revealed that she feels “blessed” to have survived her addiction to crystal methamphetamine.

The Black Eyed Peas star - real name Stacy Ferguson - battled with serious dependency on the drug in 2001, but has since recovered. Although she has kicked substance abuse, the star still allows herself to drink, a decision that she says is part of her “own journey.”

The ‘Fergalicious’ star said: “I’m not claiming to be sober. I think that that would be misleading. I drink alcohol. My father has a vineyard, and the wine is really delicious, by the way.”

“Anyway, for most addicts, they would advise never to have any sort of substance. I just have my own journey, and I am very blessed to this day to be alive,” she added.

Talking to American’s Glamour magazine the star also chatted about overcoming others’ doubts of her recovery and about ignoring tabloid reports.

Watch Fergie with her bandmates in Black Eyed Peas’ video for ‘Rock That Body’ below:


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